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Our aim is to promote the awareness about the ancient science of Vedic Astrology and provide its services through courses and workshops. This website is our online portal to reach out to the world at large and to offer the services of amazing Indian Astrology across the globe.

Our Vedic Astrology reports cover wide range of human life giving accurate insight, amazing predictions and astounding remedies. Our reports include Best time for Child Birth, Health, Career, Business, Wealth, Love, Relationships, Marriage, Child birth, Spirituality, Past Life, Remedies, Gemstones, Numerology and Name change suggestion and much more.

We do not provide instant downloadable horoscopes and reports. Our trained and experienced Vedic Astrologers prepares each report manually, spending hours on individual horoscope analysis, thus always generating a personalized reading for every individual. We also provide remedies and complementary answers to your questions with every report.

Comprehensive Reports

Detail Life Astrology

vedic astrology full life horoscope

Most exhaustive report based on time tested, result oriented Vedic astrology. Complete analysis of all areas of life, future predictions and remedies

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Career & Wealth Astrology

career and wealth horoscope vedic astrology

When will I get a job or promotion? What type of job or business is suitable? Will I get a job abroad? When I will be rich? Get all the answers here and much more

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Health Astrology

medical astrology horoscope and health vedic astrology

Know what type of illness, disease, accident or mishap you are susceptible to and when? Vedic Astrology will also provide the remedies for malefic planets

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Birth Time Rectification

birth time rectification horoscope vedic astrology

If birth time is not correct, predictions can get wrong. We use foolproof method based on ancient Vedic Astrology to determine your correct birth time

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Business & Corporate Astrology

business and corporate horoscope and vedic astrology

Starting a new business or having an existing one, this report will give you astrological and numerological analysis & guidance of sll aspect of your business

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15 Years Dasha & Transit

daily transits horoscope and vedic astrology

15 years of predictions for all aspect of your life. Vedic astrology use Dasha or planetary periods along with transits for a more complete interpretation

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Love & Relationship Reports

Love Relationship & Marriage

love and marriage horoscope vedic astrology

Fate of your present relationship? Future relationships? Will you find your Soul mate? This report explores all of these aspects of your relationship and more

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Relationship Compatibility

relationship horoscope love compatibility vedic astrology

There is nothing more fulfilling than to be in a perfect intimate relationship. Know how much compatible your are mentally, emotionally and sexual with your partner

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Soulmate Compatibility

soulmate horoscope vedic astrology

Astrological advice, guidelines & suggestions for improving relationship to express yourself without fear of criticism & rejection & experience 'soulmate' love

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Children's Reports

Your Child's Astrology

child and baby horoscope vedic astrology

Get in depth analysis of nature, characteristics & potentials of your child along with astrological prediction about health, education, career, marriage etc.

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Conception and Pregnancy

conception and pregnancy horoscope vedic astrology

We combine the knowledge of science and astrology to increase the chances of conception and childbirth be it through natural means or IVF pregnancy

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Best Time for Child birth

c-section best time for child birth vedic astrology horoscope

Vedic Astrology can provide the best date and time for C-section or cesarean delivery. Our astrologers will select the best time range from dates you select

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Traditional Reports

Yoga's & Their Effects

yoga effects activation vedic astrology horoscope

Yoga is one of the unique predictive tools of Vedic Astrology. Get to know when and how the effect of astrological Yoga, good or bad will manifest in your life

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Gemstone Selection

gemstones horoscope and lucky astrological stones vedic astrology

We recommend gemstones after thorough study of horoscope including size, weight, metal for the ring and most favorable day and time to wear it.

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Saturn's Dasha & Sade Sati

saturn, sade sati, shani maha dasha, satuirn transit vedic astrology

Saturn is the most feared malefic and undoubtedly most misunderstood planet. Know how Saturn will treat you in its Dasha period, transit and Sade Sati

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Marriage Match Making

marriage match making horoscope vedic astrology

Vedic Astrology has a perfect & unique system that compares and matches the horoscopes of prospective marriage partners for best compatibility

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Life Longevity

longevity and death vedic astrology

Who wants to know time of death? Well, it depends on how a person views life. If you want to know we can tell how long you will live and nature of your death

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New Year 2019 Astrology

new year 2019 horoscope vedic astrology

In New Year Horoscope 2019 we provide major events of your life, wealth, health, love, marriage, career on monthly and minor events on daily basis.

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Specific Reports

Ask One Question

ask one question horoscope vedic astrology

Just ask your question, any question, which is troubling you now and our team of expert astrologers will answer it in detail along with the best advice

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Ask Three Questions

ask three questions horoscope vedic astrology

If you are currently troubled by few problems, just ask the questions and our team of best Indian astrologers will help you solve your problems

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Relocation Astrology

relocation vedic astrology

By moving to a location which is astrologically favorable, you can improve several areas of your life including career, love, health and peace of mind

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Spiritual and Past Life Reports

Spiritual & Karma Report

karma astrology and spiritual horoscope vedic astrology

Get to know about your soul's destiny and evolution, purpose of present incarnation, spiritual lessons to be learned and challenges to met in this life

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Past Life Astrology

past life horoscope vedic astrology

What we are today is the result of our past life’s Karma. How, where and why of our present life are rooted in past life as we are reincarnating endlessly

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Other Reports

Our Astrologers

Muni Baba

indian astrologer Astrology Guru, Clairvoyant and Vedic scholar, with over 50 years experience in astrology & occult sciences. He is the inspiration & guide in our constant search for knowledge & research.

V. Sethuraman

best indian astrologer Coming from a family engaged in Astrology for past 5 generations, he have strong base and background on all branches of astrology. He is very research oriented and have devised flawless remedial techniques and methods for malefic planets.

R. Hariharan

marriage indian astrologer He is amazingly accurate in relationship and marriage related predictions. With specialization in matching horoscope for marriage, timing of marriage, marital and relationship problems. His depth of knowledge and grasp of Krishnamurti Paddhati (K.P.) astrology is immense.

Anju Sharma

psychologist indian astrologer An excellent psychological counselor and renowned Numerologist with specialization in child’s astrology & child birth reports. She have proved beyond doubt that how a numerology can help by changing or altering any name can influence destiny positively.

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