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Moon in Pisces Horoscope

Moon is in zodiac sign of Pisces in a horoscope, water and common sign, indicates you are a compassionate, caring, instinctive, imaginative, creative and romantic person but also can be over emotional, vulnerable, evasive, unfocused, vague and lacking self confidence. World of intangibles, feelings and emotions is where you belong as these things are real for you as physical objects. You are very sensitivity and susceptible to external influences and to subtle vibrations in environment, unspoken words, body language and moods of others and can absorb negative influence easily. Thus it is imperative that you should stay away from any kind of negativity. You dislike any kind of aggression and your feelings can easily get hurt. You like privacy and natural surroundings and need them in order to recharge your batteries. You are very kind, sympathetic, with sweet and gentle nature and will never knowingly hurt any ones feelings. You are very romantic, in love with love and wish for perfect and divine love or crave something unattainable. Romantic literature, arts, poetry, music and mystical subjects are your interest and can have stabilizing and positive influence on you. You can be easily swayed by others as your compassionate nature along with kind and nonjudgmental attitude can be taken advantage of by selfish people. It is important that you learn to differentiate between those how need real help and those who want to use to for personal gain. You must avoid depression, cultivate resoluteness, decisiveness, firmness and courage and try not to be discouraged easily.