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Moon in Aquarius Horoscope

Moon is in zodiac sign of Aquarius in a horoscope, an air and fixed sign, indicates you are an independent, social, friendly, inventive, innovative, intellectual, scientific, intuitive, humanitarian and progressive person but also can be detached, aloof, isolated, stubborn, whimsical and sometimes very different and unusual for others to understand. You are a humanitarian with keen interest in social work, social movements and activities that are concerned in betterment of humanity in general and dose not want to be bound by customs, rituals, rules and regulations as you are mostly a mental person and not an emotional one. You are also interested in modern technology, scientific developments and science fiction. You are an excellent observer, listener and a great friend who can stay detached from emotions and feelings and provide an impartial advice. In fact, you can be too much cool, aloof and objective and this can prevent you from getting touch with your feeling and emotional side and also responding emotionally to others. But you want to be socially significant in some way and are attracted towards charity and helping causes. You do not want to be entangled in emotions and feelings that compromise your freedom of action and thought. You do not like to be pinned, bogged down or trapped in any situation or by any person, thus you are social person and a very good friend but maintaining close emotional relationships can be difficult for you as your detached side refuses to be tied down in anyway. Your relationships can benefit a great deal if you strive to know the world of feelings and emotions.