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Uranus in Libra Horoscope

Uranus in Libra signifies a drive toward harmony and internal peace, creativity. The emphasis is on original relationships, unconventional attitude toward love. It gives progressive, eccentric partner resulting in often breaks of relationship. Uranus is reasonably well placed in Libra, the balancing factors of Libra bringing more poise without interfering with the originality of Uranus. The combination brings outstanding gifts of intuition besides stimulating and augmenting the imagination. The tastes and aesthetic faculties are also intensified. This is not a favorable position for marriage however as the native will tend toward hasty engagement and quick marriages without sincere consideration of the outcome. There is some indication that the native will have a strong literary talent. As Uranus spends seven years in a sign it also denotes collective activities of a generation. Many of your peers born during the years when Uranus was in Libra will find more difficult than most to hang on to partnerships and relationships. The urge for change within this group may disrupt cooperative endeavors.