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Pluto in Cancer Horoscope

Pluto was in Cancer from 1914 to 1938. As Pluto spends around thirteen to thirty years in a sign depending on the sign its passing through, it mostly denotes collective activities of a generation. Pluto in Cancer gave rise to both World Wars. During the war, innumerable homes were disrupted, even as the call went out "protect your homeland." The discovery of Pluto in 1930 coincided with the rise of dictators throughout that decade. These dictators were created largely by propaganda machines which manipulated the mind of the masses in a calculated manner. Advertising flourished and public relations became a science, as political and commercial entrepreneurs exploited the communications media developed in Gemini to play upon the desires, resentments, and fears buried in the collective unconscious. This period also brought about history's most complete emancipation of women. Hemlines soared thigh high, and plain, light clothing replaced voluminous petticoats, frills, and bows. The "kitchen revolution," which was to release women from the drudgery of incessant cooking and cleaning was introduced with the appearance of improved sinks, dishwashers, stoves, refrigerators, and prepared foods in enticing packages. It also brought various types of contraceptives. This also gave rise to the invidious side and was typified by the sufferings endured by children during the Depression years. Suddenly, the divorce rate began to climb and broken homes became more common. For individuals, Pluto in Cancer gives a tendency to care intensely about family matters and a want to dominate in own home. They may never resolve their mixed feelings about their early home lives. Their latter years may be spent secluded and isolated, perhaps working on an important project. Their strong points include feeling responsibility toward the family and creative imagination. Their weak points are intense emotions, suffering early loss of parent or guardian and a deep resentment of other people’s good fortune.