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Pluto in Aquarius Horoscope

Pluto will be passing through Aquarius from 2024 till 2042. As Pluto spends around thirteen to thirty years in a sign depending on the sign it’s passing through, it mostly denotes collective activities of a generation. Pluto in Aquarius will bring even greater emphasis to the humanitarian and freedom-loving qualities of Aquarius. This should be a time of unimaginable scientific discovery, for Aquarius is the sign of science and future knowledge. The passage of Pluto through Aquarius last time coincided with the end of American Revolution and in independence for the colonies and, in 1789, the French Revolution sounded the Aquarian keynotes of liberty, fraternity, and equality. Thomas Paine's book The Rights of Man, issued in 1791, paved the way for a more humanitarian concern for the rights, not only of men, but of women, children, and slaves. Throughout the world, the influence of the incoming Aquarian Age was producing radical transformations in the structure of society. Many people will leave home, and increased urbanization is likely as people will flock to areas with more hustle, bustle, and social activity. Businesses, organizations, and companies will start to grow to enormous proportions, and much advancement in science will be made possible by this huge cooperative effort. Clashes in political ideologies will be critical and unfortunately, as we know from history, there can be considerable damage and harm arising from a clash of large organizations or governments. Major breakthroughs in science and technology occur while Pluto is in this sign. For individuals, Pluto in Aquarius people are friendly and gregarious, but not sentimental and emotional. This generation does not cling to the past and tends to build stronger relationships with friends and colleagues than with family members. You are a member of a generation that will bring about sweeping social changes and reforms. You may become passionately involved with groups or societies that propose revolution. They will have a strong, vital force in changing the rigid social structures. They will be something of a reformer, and will seek to bring about a change for the better in any situation. Their strong points include strong loyalty to friends and a need to uplift humanity and fight for social cause. Their weak points are being vulnerable to eccentric ideas and over detached attitude.