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Uranus in Cancer Horoscope

Uranus in Cancer signifies emotional insecurity, imagination, acting according to instincts and unconventional attitude toward family. There can be unconventional family surrounding, often early depart from family. Uranus is not too well-placed in Cancer as it intensifies the emotions and the senses. The native is easily touched and quickly moved. This can cause severe emotional imbalances. There is a dire need for the native to avoid being over-sensitive about basic misunderstanding because it can lead to unnecessary heart-break. If circumstances permit there will be much travel during the native's life as he is a great lover of adventure. As Uranus spends seven years in a sign it also denotes collective activities of a generation. Many of your peers born during the years when Uranus was in Cancer will approach changes in society with emotional vigor. Emotional considerations are apt to prompt unexpected revisions to popular ideas.