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Moon in Leo Horoscope

When Moon is in zodiac sign of Leo in a horoscope, a fire and fixed sign, indicates you will be exuberant, proud, creative, broad-minded and fun-loving but can also be self-indulgent, self-centered, conceited and overbearing. You have personal charm, magnetism and a good sense of humor. You like to be in lime light, to be the center of attention, could be very expressive and creative, and may be drawn to the world of theater, music, acting and the arts. The surest way to hurt your feelings is to ignore you. You are very ambitious of succeeding in life, and you would like to occupy position of authority where you will be at the head of things as you are a born and natural leader. You like doing things in big way and abhor petty or narrow thinking. You are a great romantic and know how to put up a show to entertain others but pride and ego can harm your relationships as sometimes you may become bossy, overbearing and dominant and you also need to guard against self-will and extravagance.