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Every report is prepared by our trained and experienced Vedic astrologers manually, thus always presenting a personalized reading for every individual. We also provide possible remedies and complementary answers to your questions with all of the reports.

1) Detailed Life Reading Vedic Astrology Report: This is the most exhaustive report based on time tested and result oriented Vedic astrology. It includes analysis of your all-major areas of life including career, love, marriage, money, health, children, property, travel, longevity, future predictions etc. You can ask three question of your choice with this report.

2) Your Child's Vedic Astrology Report: This report explains the nature, behavior and characteristics of your child. Parental relationship is the basis of child's future life as it shapes how one relates with the world at large during adulthood. It will also give you an insight into the potentials of you child and thus will help you to take right decisions about his/her life. Plus you get to ask three question of your choice.

3) Teenage Horoscope: Teenage period is marked by much physical and mental changes, frequent mood swings and feeling of over-sensitivity. They get so many new information and learn so many new things every day, both on conscious and sub conscious level and with their not so mature power of discrimination its easy for them to adopt something unhealthy. Sometimes it can be difficult to cope with all the changes that happen during these years. It is a period of vulnerability for the teenagers, which requires support and understanding. This report will help you to understand you teenage child and help you to guide him/her in most effective way. This report is designed for teenagers between twelve and eighteen years of age. Plus you get to ask three question of your choice.

4) Career and Wealth Vedic Astrology Report: What one dose for a living is so important that it actually defines who one is. It also determines our self-worth. When will I get a Job? What type of job or business will be most suitable for me? Will I get a job in abroad? When will I get a raise or promotion? This report will provide you with all the answers plus better understanding of your talents & potentials with remedies and suggestions. You can ask two questions free with this report.

5) Love, Relationships and Marriage Vedic Astrology Report: What is the fate of your present relationship? Is any new relationship coming up in near future? When will you find your Soul mate? Do you always attract a similar kind of person? This report explores all of these aspects and more, with interesting and helpful insights into your personal dynamics of love and relationships. Plus you get to ask three question of your choice.

6) Relationship Compatibility Vedic Astrology Report: There is nothing more emotionally fulfilling than to be in a perfect intimate relationship. Everyone needs someone with whom they can be mental, emotional and sexual compatible, in other words a Soul mate. This report will match your and your partner's horoscope and will let you know every aspect of your relationship. You can ask three questions free with this report.

7) Soulmate Compatibility Horoscope: When we can express our feelings to our partners, with ease, without fear of criticism and rejection, then only we can experience 'soulmate' love. We should be comfortable with ourselves first before we can strive for prefect relationship. The purpose of this report is to try to make your existing relationship as good as 'soulmate' by presenting practical guidelines to create healthy relationship. We will construct your and your partner's horoscope and then merge them to make a new horoscope. Your relationship will be treated as a separate entity, which show all about your relationship. It will also contain advice, guidelines and suggestions to improve your relationship.

8) Marriage Compatibility and Matchmaking Vedic Astrology Report: Vedic Astrology has a perfect and unique astrological system that compares and matches horoscopes of prospective marriage partners. This is based on the system of 'ASHTA GUNA' (eight types of compatibility tests). It is an excellent and time-tested method of compatibility matching. We will also advice Remedies for any malefic or negative influence. You can ask three questions free with this report.

9) Health and Medical Vedic Astrology Report: Having a good knowledge of astrology is not enough for medical astrology, a thorough knowledge of medical science is equally important. Without good health even the simplest pleasure of life cannot be enjoyed. Imagine if you can know beforehand what type of illness or disease is going to strike you or what vitamins and minerals are deficient in your system. Vedic Astrology also provides for the remedies for malefic planets that will be causing you disease and ill heath. Plus you get to ask two questions free with this report.

10) Spiritual and Karma Vedic Astrology Report: This report will be full of insights about your soul's destiny and the purpose of incarnation. We are born to learn specific types of lessons and to much extent, we choose our own challenges which we intend to overcome in a particular life time. Each of our incarnation is a step forward towards reaching our common goal, merging with the infinite. You can ask two question of your choice with this report.

11) Yoga -Their Effects & Activation Vedic Astrology Report: Yoga is one of the unique predictive tools of Vedic Astrology. Yoga is a predefined rule taking Planets, Signs and/or Vedic Astrological aspects into account. One may have great Raja Yoga's in his or her horoscope but still they live an ordinary life. This is because the planet/s causing that Raja Yoga will never manifest in his or her lifetime, this is because as per Vimshottari dasa system the total planetary period is of 120 years and if the planet's period causing particular yoga may not happen at all in their life time. Why some people are born in very ordinary or poor circumstances but become rich and famous at some particular period in his or her life? This is because the favorable or Raja yoga in their horoscope gets activated at particular time. This Yoga - Effect and Activation Vedic Astrology report will let you know which major yoga are there in your horoscope and will they be activated? And if yes, when?

12) Dasa and Transit Vedic Astrology Report for 15 years: Planets and other heavenly bodies in our solar system are revolving or transiting around the Sun and consistently creating a new relationship with our natal horoscope planets, which produce dynamic results. Vedic astrologers use Dasha system of prediction along with transits or Gochar to form a more complete interpretation and analysis. Dasha system shows how our destiny unfolds. This report will cover every aspect and event of your life that is going to happen in next 15 years. We will also suggest remedy for your problems. You can ask three question of your choice with this report.

13) Determining the Best Time for Child Birth Vedic Astrology Report: Child birth is a natural process but the number of C-section births is rising all over the world and Vedic Astrology can help determine the best time to go for it. Choosing most auspicious date and time for childbirth is not playing god or meddling with fate in anyway since being able to select a delivery period is too a part of destiny. Our Vedic astrologers will select the best time (usually 90 minutes to 120 minutes period) of every given date range provided by you. This report will include brief discussion of major aspects of life like health, education, career, marriage etc for each of date and time selected. Plus you get to ask three question of your choice with this report.

14) Conception and Pregnancy Vedic Astrology Report: Vedic Astrology can provide auspicious time to indulge in sexual union that can increase the chances of conception for birth of healthy and worthy children. These auspicious timings are based on the transit of planets to the natal or birth horoscope planets of the couple involved. We will be providing a list of 15 to 20 (or more in some cases) time bands of 30 minutes each which are most favorable for copulation for maximizing chance of conception or pregnancy.

15) Birth Time Rectification & Detailed Life Vedic Astrology Report: Vedic Astrology can provide auspicious time to indulge in sexual union that can increase the chances of conception for birth of healthy and worthy children. These auspicious timings are based on the transit of planets to the natal or birth horoscope planets of the couple involved. We will be providing a list of 15 to 20 (or more in some cases) time bands of 30 minutes each which are most favorable for copulation for maximizing chance of conception or pregnancy.

16) Business or Corporate Vedic Astrology Report: Whether you have an existing business or about to start a new one, this unique report will help you in getting desired success. It dose not matter if you have small based business or an industry .We will combine astrology and numerology for maximum benefit. If you are about to start a new business, opening new branch or expanding the existing business, astrology can help you by providing the best day and time to do so and numerology can help optimizing the name of your company. We will analyze horoscopes of owner or directors for career and wealth potentials, suggest favorable colors and shapes for logo, stationeries and interiors of the office. This report will also contain best periods for business, guidelines for future and also the remedies or solutions if required.

17) Gemstone Selection Vedic Astrology Report: Among the various remedial measures are mentioned in Vedic Astrology, Gemstones are regarded as the easiest and thus more preferred remedy. Gemstones are recommended after thorough study of one's horoscope. The rays and colors of the Gemstones affect our aura, subtle energy fields and the astral body and therefore can influence our emotions, thought patterns and thus our behavior, just like the planets do. The correct choice and use of Gemstones, metal (for ring), day and time period is very necessary otherwise there can be malefic results. You can ask two question of your choice with this report.

18) Past Life Vedic Astrology Report: Many of our current experiences, relationships and behaviors are rooted in past existences. Past life astrology reading will give you great insights and will show a new way to look at your life. This past life astrology reading will help you to resolve old issues, work through troublesome areas, develop your potential, and achieve greater wisdom this time around.

19) Ask One Question Vedic Astrology Report: Just ask the question, any question, which is troubling you now and our team of experienced astrologers, shall provide you with the answer and show you the way, which will be most favorable and beneficial for you. Further, we shall be providing you with the remedy or solution, if applicable.

20) Ask Three Questions Vedic Astrology Report: If you are not interested in all the details of Horoscopes and Astrology but want to get straight down to the point, If you are at a crossroad point in your life and unsure of which way to take, If you are currently troubled or depressed by few particular problems or just want to be sure before you take a major decisions in your life. Then this is the perfect service for you.

21) Annual or Birthday or Varshphal Horoscope: A horoscope is cast for the exact moment of the Sun's return on your birthday or natal Sun, in western astrology it is known as Solar Return Horoscope. It is an excellent tool for predicting the events of the coming year (from one birthday to the other). A new horoscope is formed for that particular time and it is studied and analyzed along with your birth horoscope to give more cleared and greater insight into coming events of the coming year. Plus you can ask two question of your choice with this report.

22) New Year Astrology Report for year 2018: This report will concentrate on major and minor events of your life for a given calendar year, including health, love, marriage, career, travel etc. Monthly predictions will be done for coming twelve months, minor events discussions, remedies if required and answer to two questions of your choice.

23) Saturn's dasha, transit & Sade sati Report: This report will include the significance of Saturn in your horoscope, what and when to expect from Saturn during its Dasha or Anter Dasha (period or sub periods), Sade Sati and present and future transits of Saturn in your life. Keys, suggestion and advice on how to handle the Saturn's period and transit, plus you will get answer to your two personal questions free.

24) Murutha or Election Astrology Report: This report will provide you with astrological guidance to initiate the any life activity at best possible time for the best fruitful results. Based on result oriented and time tested Vedic Astrology you can know when is the most auspicious day and time to enter your new home, to buy a car, for marriage, to go on vacation, to start a new business etc.You can ask two questions of your choice with this report.

25) Lal Kitab Astrology Report: The major advantage of Lal Kitab is that it has very simple and unique remedy for almost every area of life that has gone wrong or will go wrong. These remedial measures do not require the performance of strict ritual or ordeals, Yagna and complicated things. You can ask two freequestions with this report. You can ask three question of your choice with this report.

26) Daily Horoscope Transit: Plan your day perfectly with day-to-day predictions for 365 days based on transit of planets. This Daily Transit Report will help you decide when to act and when to wait by providing knowledge that will prepare you to plan ahead and to deal with situations. Schedule your meetings, interviews or negotiation on favorable days. Schedule tough and hard work on high energy days. Plan meeting with your boy/girl friend on favorable days for social and pleasure seeking activities. Be prepared for sudden or surprising events. Be careful while traveling on certain days. Be prepared for tough days in office. Days when you need to control your feelings and think twice before speaking…and much more.

27) Relocation Vedic Astrology Report: If you are thinking about relocation or forced by circumstances to move to a different location, then this report will help you in determining which locations will have best influence on you or what is "in store" for you at any given location. As the position of planets in our birth horoscope remains in 'force' or 'active' all our life, likewise the 'path of planets' that occurred on our birth day and time will remain active too, and by moving to places where the path of any chosen planet 'falls' at favorable area of our horoscope, we can maximize its positive influence for attainment of our objectives. We can choose favorable location for academics and education, career growth and income, love, relationship or family life, inner peace and spirituality, health or just for leisure or vacation.

28) Horary Astrology or Prashna Kundli: Prashna Shastra or Prashna Kundli is one of the branches of Vedic Astrology. No birth data is required for casting a Prashna Kundli as the Horoscope is cast for the moment and place when the astrologer receives the question. Thus persons who do not have information about their birth data or birth time can use this service. You can ask question on behalf of your parents, children or siblings.

29) Life Longevity Astrology Report: Most of us try to avoid the only and ultimate truth - Death. But still questions like How will i die and when? What is my life span? How long will i live? Can astrology predict death? comes to our mind from time to time. Vedic Astrologers starts their work on horoscope analysis by checking the life span or longevity of the person as the results of planetary configurations will only fructify if the native is blessed with longevity. If his or her lifespan is not much then there is no use making prediction for years ahead. In Vedic astrology the subject of longevity has been exhaustively dealt in a very detailed manner.

30) Personality, Character & Nature Analysis Astrology Report: Character is destiny and if a man can change his character, he can change his destiny. Astrology can accurately portray the personality and analysis the human character. Personality, character and nature analysis will help you identify positive and self-destructive patterns so you can develop or correct them and enhance your life quality.

31) Child's Personality Astrology Report: Personality, temperament, basic characteristics are things with which we are born. They are further shaped, molded and changed as per their upbringing, parent's guidance, family and social factors. These are all powerful factor in determining how the child will react to the world and thus shapes his/her destiny. Knowing your child's personality type will help you as a parent to understand your child better, so that you can support and guide him/her to your best ability that will lead to most optimum development of child's personality.

32) Sun Sign Compatibility Horoscope: We all know there are twelve zodiac signs as they feature in newspapers and magazines all over the world. Every sign spans approximately one month period as Sun is supposed to be seen in each zodiac sign as our Earth continues its annual journey round the Sun. You can have this report even if you dont know your time of birth. Finding true love is an eternal quest and knowing which zodiac Sun sign we are most compatible with can give us a broad perspective in finding a secure, loving, lasting and fulfilling relationship. Each of the twelve signs of the zodiac reacts with the other Sun sign in a particular way; some are most compatible and harmonious and compliment each other in most optimal way, while there is least compatibility with some other signs. In fact any zodiac Sun Sign combination can work pretty well if we know the true, characteristics, positives and negatives of each sign and how each zodiac Sun sign interacts and reacts with the other sign and thus can create long lasting harmony.

33) Your Digital Horoscope: Have your horoscope in your desired language. Choose from English, Hindi, Bangla, Gujarati, Oriya, Marathi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu. It will contain your horoscope, planetary positions, all Shodashvarga (sixteen types of horoscopes), detail Ashtakavarga calculation, Sudarshan Chakra planetary aspects, Sadhesati calculation, K.P. horoscope, Jamini Horoscope, Vimshottari dasha and Pratyantar Dasha. Software generated predictions related to yogas, planetary aspect, characteristics, health, education, profession, wealth, marriage and travel.

34) Numerology and Name Suggestion Report: Everything in our universe, living or non-living is vibrating. Every number has its unique vibration and significance and hence they affect our lives. If your name is in harmony with your birth path, then you are tuned in correctly and you will have to face least resistance in achieving your goal. Your ability to achieve most or optimum from it will be increased. If not then you will feel frustrated and will have to face much opposition in form of various obstacles. You can ask two question of your choice with this report.

35) Full Numerology Report: Get an Insight into your Life Path and Destiny. Identify peak periods of your lives. Know what type of challenges you have to overcome and be prepared for it. Discover your talents and skills and how to use them effectively. This numerology report contains comprehensive analyses of all the major and minor numbers, their significance and results associated the occult science of numerology. It includes your: Birthday Number, Life Path Number, Destiny Number, Talent Number, Soul Number, Personality Number, Karmic Number, Birth force Number, the Pinnacles, the Challenges, the Cycles, Karmic Lesson and future prediction based on Personal Year and Personal Month Numbers.

36) Numerology Compatibility Report: Consolidate, nourish and reinforce your relationship by using this amazing report containing guidelines, suggestion and advice based on the science of numerology. Discover the power of numbers as this report gives you comprehensive insight in understanding your relationship. Using numerology to estimate the dynamics of your relationship is a simple but effective way to increase the chances for a good relationship. This will also help in addressing existing and future problems in a relationship, and gaining new understanding.

Written by Sanjay Sharma, © 2011-2015.