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Moon in Capricorn Horoscope

When Moon is in zodiac sign of Capricorn in a horoscope, an earth and movable sign, indicates you are determined, responsible, disciplined, patient and ambitious but can also be rigid, pessimistic, opinionated, materialistic and too serious. You are one of the most self-reliant persons as you can set aside personal concerns to fulfill duties and responsibilities. You have a great deal of patience, perseverance and caution in following what you have set your mind on, and no matter how many barriers and trials you meet, you will show persistence and stick to your path. All these qualities can help you to the top of the material ladder and business world. You are cautious about most things which included falling in love. This is because you think pros and cons of your decisions but once you made the decision you are very loyal and capable of handling the responsibilities of any relationship. You are not at home with emotional display and romance. You mostly use your 'head' thus matters of 'heart' falls behind in your life.