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Pluto in Aries Horoscope

Pluto was in Aries from 1822 to 1852 and will again be there from 2068. As Pluto spends around thirteen to thirty years in a sign depending on the sign it’s passing through, it mostly denotes collective activities of a generation. Pluto gets exalted in Aries. The passage of Pluto through Aries marked the commencement of an era of political, social, scientific, and economic revolutions. Seeds of new ideas and inventions began to germinate, initiating trends which are still growing toward fruition. Militant communism was born and with it the idea that man might take destiny in his own hands and shape the world to his specifications, even when it meant shattering institutions previously considered sacrosanct. This was a time of rugged pioneering, much of it stimulated by the excitement of the California Gold Rush. The American West was being settled, and geographical explorations opened up many of the remaining unknown areas of the world. Now, for the first time, people could think in terms of the planet as a whole, and envision the emergence of an integrated global society. It seems probable that the passage of Pluto, through the remainder of the zodiac has been and will be concerned with the expression of this dehiscent impulse through new forms of human activity. For individuals, Pluto in Aries gives an intense and magnetic personality, courage, self-reliance, and a strong sense of individuality, seeking transformation of self through change and upheaval. These people learn to be self-sufficient from young age and are inclined to be loners. Their strong points include great strength, relentless in pursuing a goal, potential for self-transformation. Their weak points are inscrutable, recklessness, vindictiveness, egotism and ruthlessness.