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Moon in Libra Horoscope

When Moon is in zodiac sign of Libra in a horoscope, an air and movable sign, indicates you are creative, social, charming and diplomatic but also can be indecisive, self-indulgent, dependent, frivolous and changeable. It gives you a refined personality and makes you love ease, pleasure, arts and social gatherings and gives a balanced intellectual approach. You think before reacting, weighs all sides of a situation but this could also lead to indecisiveness. It can be difficult for you to be assertive since you don't like conflict situations. You have a keen appreciation for beauty, art and symmetry. It heightens your magnetism and flair to opposite sex and gives you a polished, charming manner with an instinct for fairness, and artistic vision. Relationships of every type whether they are romantic, casual or just friendship are essential for your well being and security but your emphasis pleasing everyone, avoiding discord and relating only to the pleasing and nice things can inhibit your spontaneity and real intimacy.