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Moon in Cancer Horoscope

When Moon is in zodiac sign of Cancer in a horoscope, a water and cardinal sign, indicates you will be imaginative, sympathetic, protective, tenacious and loyal but also can be possessive, moody, self-pitying and a nag. Moon is the owner or Lord of Cancer and is said to be strong in this sign. Moon in cancer will increase your emotional nature and will make you sensitive. You are much attached to home life and family. You will have extremely good memory and will be attached to the past. Just like changing phases of Moon your emotional nature could be inconsistence with regular mood swings. But you are devoted, patient, romantic and sensitive and do not like to hurt anyone's feelings but you can get easily hurt as you feel things that are said of you very keenly. You can be somewhat shy and do not like to show your true feelings unless you are close to the person. You blossom in a secure and committed relationship but you can hold on to a relationship that has become destructive because you do not believe you will ever find another love.