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Moon in Gemini Horoscope

When Moon is in zodiac sign of Gemini in a horoscope, an air and common sign, indicates you will be versatile, curious, witty, lively, and found of traveling but also could be disorganized, high-strung, inconsistent, superficial and cunning. You are talkative and will try to dominate debate and discussions even if you do not have necessary facts. You like to impress others with your knowledge and your reflexes are sharp. You can to multi-tasking with ease and like to be involved in more than one thing at a time. With your good skill in speaking and writing you can become a good writer, teacher, journalist or any literary or scientific profession. You will live more in the mind than in the feelings. You like to be among friends and are a social creature but your personal one to one relationship can suffer as you can be afraid of making long term commitment. You can achieve much if you can control your fickle nature and restlessness as you can put your security and success in danger by scattering your energy in many directions.