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Moon in Virgo Horoscope

When Moon is in zodiac sign of Virgo in a horoscope, an earth and common sign, indicates you are more intellectual, meticulous, trustworthy and responsible but can also be critical, high-strung, argumentative and hypochondriac. You are practical, analytical and intellectual and need a sense of order in everything so much so that chaos, dirty or even unorganized environment can make you ill. You love perfection and can take care of minute details but if this is carried too far your work and projects can get delayed due to your want of extreme perfection. You like being helpful and useful to others and this can make you nice but not much ambitious. In relationships you will be a thoughtful and considerate companion but romance may be lacking due to your intellectual approach to love. Try to shut down your critical and perfectionist tendencies in relationships. You have a tendency towards worry and anxiety at times and you need to cultivate hopefulness and cheerfulness.