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Pluto in Capricorn Horoscope

Pluto is currently passing through Capricorn from 2008 to 2024. As Pluto spends around thirteen to thirty years in a sign depending on the sign it’s passing through, it mostly denotes collective activities of a generation. Pluto in Capricorn shows the danger of undue rigidity and regimentation in the nation's political structure, and warns against an authoritarianism which invites rebellion and disruption from unassimilated elements. There is an urge that will destroy and replace structures that have outlived their time and usefulness. There will be the transforming of business and economic systems, political parties and methods of government. Radical changes will be executed with ruthless pragmatism. For individuals, Pluto in Capricorn gives a strong practical and realistic attitude towards life. They are an ambitious group and work hard to improve business, commerce, and other practical affairs. This age is marked by its precociousness and seriousness. However, it is also as if they are somehow cut off from many of their inner feelings. Concentrating on getting things done for material and practical purpose is leaving little time for self and family. They are mature, but also rather aloof and may tend to lack empathy and heart. For many members of this age group, it is as if they were cut off from their deeper, emotional side. Their intense personality makes its mark in career matters. They usually have a flair for business and knowledge of how to elicit support from others. During their lifetime they are likely to achieve a position of power and independence. Their strong points are being forceful and having dynamic energy. Their weak points are they are subject to unforeseen twists of fate with loss of prestige.