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Uranus in Aries Horoscope

Uranus in Aries signifies innovativeness, independence, impulsivity, rebels against social norms. The emphasis is on being original, progressive and drive for freedom. The native has an inventive, ingenious and active mind and he is very hard to understand. This position causes some lack of tact and difficulties in restraining feelings and expressions regarding the faults or supposed stupidities of others. This location of Uranus brings a liability toward estrangements and upsets affecting the relationships with others. He should try to avoid heated arguments and disputes of an adverse nature should always be avoided. He must learn to cultivate a certain amount of patience with the difficulties of those who have less strength or will power than himself. As Uranus spends seven years in a sign it also denotes collective activities of a generation. Many of your peers born during the years when Uranus was in Aries will want to assert their independence, and will likely work to prompt changes in society. This group will often be impetuous, and members will display impatience in seeking freedom at any price.