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Pluto in Pisces Horoscope

Pluto will be passing through Pisces from 2043 till 2067. As Pluto spends around thirteen to thirty years in a sign depending on the sign it’s passing through, it mostly denotes collective activities of a generation. Last time Pluto entered Pisces, a considerable interest in psychic phenomena was generated as a result of Mesmer's experiments, and some remarkable clairvoyant demonstrations were given, but the age of inquisitions and witch trials was still too fresh in men's memories for concerted attention to be given to these mystical phenomena. Many individuals who became active in the spiritualistic movement were born with Pluto in Pisces. Politically, this period coincided with the mood of disillusionment following the bloody debacle of the French Revolution. In the bubble-like expansion and dissolution of Napoleon's empire, Piscean delusions of grandeur inflated the ego of a military genius and finally left Europe in a shambles - sadder, wearier, and little wiser for its sufferings. However, a revulsion against war and slaughter induced people to seek the consolations of music, literature, religion, and philosophy, and ushered in the Romantic Movement in the arts. In next transit of Pluto in Pisces people will be highly imaginative and intuitive. They will have a deep, inner yearning for a more idyllic life, and their rich imagination will dream up many ways to attain these lofty goals. The yearning for a more perfect and beautiful world will sometimes leads to feelings of frustration with "the real world". It will be particularly difficult for those who have a difficult childhood or lack the inner strength to adequately meet life's challenges; consequently, increased alcoholism and drug use can easily develop. Unique contributions to literature and music will abound in this generation. Spiritual and religious aspiration will also be high. For individuals, Pluto in Pisces are a member of a generation that will want to heal society's ills. They will have a deep concern for the environment, particularly in regard to water pollution and global warming. They will have a contemplative nature that has an occasional need for seclusion, in order to contemplate deep and complex spiritual issues. They may at last comprehend the fullness of Pluto’s power and add to their knowledge of the meaning of life. They will have a compelling desire to understand, to see deeply into philosophical questions. Pisces represents the completion of the circle, the last step before moving on to the first rung of a higher ladder. By this time the human race may have evolved to a higher and nobler plane and profound understanding. Their strong points are profound imagination and spiritual uplift. Their weak points are hiding feelings of anger or resentment and being private person who dose not share your emotions easily.