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Birth Time Rectification & Detailed Life Astrology

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For accurate horoscope, prediction and reading, correct time of birth is required apart form of course date and place of birth. It is noticed that if the birth time is not recorded correctly by two or more minutes, some of the predictions get wrong and the percentage of error compounds dramatically with increasing birth time error.

Determination of correct birth time is a lengthy and complex process. It is done with the help of past major events of one’s life. An approximate time is calculated to start with the help of ruling planets and client’s given time band. Then proceeding with the past major events of person’s life, the approximate time is adjusted several time till every piece falls in place. No astrological software in world is capable of doing; our trained Vedic Astrologers will prepare it manually.

The birth time is determined according to the Krishnamurti Paddhati or K.P. Stellar Astrology system's ruling planet method (which gives importance to Star lords and Sub lords in addition to the Sign lords). This system has been used by ancient Vedic seers but later on revived by Sri Krishnamurti. The Western Astrology’s horary and Vedic Astrology’s Prashna Kundali method is somewhat similar to it because in all these systems the time at which the astrologer cast the chart or horoscope is most important. The Ruling planets help in determining the time of one’s birth (if the birth time is not known or there is any doubt about it correctness). The Ruling Planets are the sign lord, the star lord, and the sub lord of the Ascendant (Lagna) and of the Moon at any given time. It also includes the Day lord (simply known as the day of the weak). With the help of ruling planets we will determine the position of your Moon and the exact degree of Lagna (Ascendant) will be determined by ruling planets and also by back calculation considering past major events as furnished by you.

Birth Time Rectification report comes with “Detailed Full Life Astrology Report”, which will give you an insight into your present and will enable you to look into your future. This is the most exhaustive report based on time tested and result oriented Vedic astrology. It includess a complete analysis of your all-major areas of life including career, love, marriage, money, health, children, property, travel, longevity, future predictions etc. plus answers to your three questions.

Contents of this Report
  • Calculation of your correct birth time based on major past events.
  • Your Horoscope and Planetary Placement positions.
  • Favorable/unfavorable colors, numbers, years, days, signs, direction etc.
  • Prediction as per your Ascendant or Lagna, Moon Sign & Constellation (Nakshatra)
  • Detailed interpretations of planetary placements in your horoscope.
  • Various ‘Yogas’ in your horoscope and their effects.
  • Health indications including specific problems and diseases, timing of health issues.
  • Educational Prospects, type of education suitable & successful periods for it.
  • Career/Business: Right choices of business or job, periods of promotion or change.
  • Love, Relationships, Marriage Predictions, periods of emotional fulfillment & discord.
  • Discussion on Sade Sati or Saturn’s transit over & adjoining house from natal Moon.
  • Vedic Astrological Remedies: to minimizing or destroying negative planetary effects by Gemstones, simple rituals etc.
  • Operating Major Dasha and Antar Dasha (Planetary Periods and sub periods).
  • Dasha wise detailed predictions and interpretation, including Transits (Gochar).
  • Answers to your three questions.

Report delivery and payment options:
  • Report will be sent by 'E-Mail' in ms word format & may take up to 6 to 10 days.
  • Online payments can be made through Credit Cards & Pay Pal.
  • For Indian citizens charges are Rs. 4900. If you are from India and want to order this report please click here
  • For more details call: +91 93310 51129 or +91 33 65551060 or email at: orders@astrology-prophets.com

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