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Uranus in Leo Horoscope

Uranus in Leo signifies a person who hardly accepts restrictions, a rebel, and a pioneer. There can be aptness to sexual experiments, freedom loving person and children gifted or problems with them. Uranus is in its detriment in the sign Leo and its radiations can cause the native major problems. There may be much trouble in the family life, especially during youth. A loss or difficulty trough the father in some way is indicated. The native will have a distinct disregard for conventionality, a strong desire for freedom and independence. If he does not learn to control and modify these desires he will repeatedly wind up in trouble both socially and in the business world. As Uranus spends seven years in a sign it also denotes collective activities of a generation. Many of your peers born during the years when Uranus was in Leo may foster changes that expand personal and/or nationalistic power and prominence. Changes involving lofty goals and ideals will find favor within this group.