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Neptune in Pisces Horoscope

As Neptune spends around fourteen years in a sign it mostly denotes collective activities of a generation. Neptune in Pisces denotes the possibility of suffering through the dishonesty, trickery or deception of others. The personal confidence of the native can be gravely abused if this occurs. The locality increases the personal capacity to manipulate the power of mental and oral suggestion to influence other people to do things which are desired. The idealistic and peace loving side of the nature will be drawn out and there will be an expression of charm which will be very appealing to others who come into the native's life. There can be strong love for mysticism, ending of cycle of self-development. Generations responsible for stronger mass interest for metaphysics, harmony between material and spiritual, or nihilism and escapism and throwing away of consumerist imperatives, growth of humanity are denoted by this placement of Neptune.