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Pluto in Virgo Horoscope

Pluto was in Virgo from 1958 to 1971. As Pluto spends around thirteen to thirty years in a sign depending on the sign it’s passing through, it mostly denotes collective activities of a generation. Pluto's passage through Virgo stimulated a critical appraisal of social conditions based upon the desire to reform the oppressive ways of the past. Emphasis was placed upon the issue of unemployment, as automation and a computerized technology made it imperative for workers to possess specialized skills. European Economic Community came into effect after six European nations signed a treaty in Rome during 1957, to work toward a customs union and the free flow of goods and services. This breaking down of the barriers to free trade was an effective blow against the isolationist tendencies of the competing nations of the world. As industries came to rely increasingly on the use of chemicals, individuals assumed that highly potent drugs and pills could also improve the chemistry of the body. Tranquilizers, barbiturates, amphetamines, hallucinogens, and a flood of mind-manipulating drugs were employed to alter the quality of human consciousness. Pluto's passage through introverted Virgo tripped off an explosive release of hidden psychic forces through the widespread use of LSD and related psychedelic substances. The generation born with Pluto in Virgo gave the attention to diet, sanitation, and physical and mental purity which has solved health problems far more effectively than combating germs with antibiotics and cutting away diseased tissues. Using efficient organization and enforced regulations, governments had concentrated on preventive measures designed to ensure higher standards of health. For individuals, Pluto in Virgo gives the planet’s personal influence a profound analytical quality to the personality. People under this influence seek perfection but are also suspicious and ready to find fault with the world around them. They have great power of concentration and are intent on seeing results. They tend to overwork themselves and tend to take an interest in medicine and health and are sometimes gifted in the healing arts. Their strong points are selfless service to humanity in field of health and science and the work they do can inspire others. Their weak points are being over critical and their physical energy is often sapped by job pressures.