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Best Time for Child Birth Vedic Astrology Report

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Child birth is a natural process but the number of C-section births is rising all over the world and Vedic Astrology can help determine the best time to go for it. Choosing most auspicious date and time for childbirth is not playing god or meddling with fate in anyway since being able to select a delivery period is too a part of destiny. Best Time for Child Birth Astrology, C-section or Cesarean section astrology report will help you choose best time for your child's birth. Our Vedic astrologers will select the best time (usually 90 minutes to 120 minutes period) of every given date range provided by you.

Several astrologers and websites mention list of auspicious dates for childbirth, they treat C section as Muhurata for childbirth, just like Muhurata for entering new home or Griha pravesh. Is this possible? Can predefined Muhurata for childbirth be valid for every expecting parent all over the world? This is simply not possible because it dose not take expecting mother’s and expecting father’s horoscope in account. List of auspicious dates for childbirth can give overall good life to the child but what about the affect of child on parents and the relationship of the child with parents?

It is thus simply not possible to advise best time for childbirth using C-section without parent’s birth details and horoscope. Taking parents details will ensure the child’s relationship with them will be good along with great health, education, career, wealth and married life of the child. Please mention parent's birth details in Additional Column form. In case you do not known time of birth, date, month and year will do.

You can advice us on choosing particular traits, habits, career etc. and we will try to choose the best possible dates and time that most closely matches your requirement.

We have to keep in mind the following factors while deciding the date and time for most favourable time for C-section uding Astrology:

  • 1. Placements of Ascendant (Lagna), its Lord, Sun, Moon and the best or Yoga Karaka planet for any particular Ascendant or Lagna are most critical factor in C-section astrology; these should be free from afflictions from malefic planets and houses.

  • 2. Major planets in bad aspects should be avoided when planning childbirth using Astrology.

  • 3. We should not choose days for caesarean birth when there are no planets in house occupied by Moon and on either side of it, which causes malefic Kemadruma Yoga. (Rahu & Ketu are not considered for this purpose).

  • 4. Sun, Moon and Ascendant lord should not be in Maraka or Bhadhak houses (death inflicting and life obstructing houses) during the use of surgery to deliver baby.

  • 5. Placement of Yoga karaka (best planet) for particular Ascendant should be favourable, to give maximum good effects and greater fortune. Planets in 6th, 8th or 12th houses should also be avoided if possible. If planets in these houses cannot be avoided then Sun, Moon and Ascendant lord should be strongly placed and should not be in these houses.

  • 6. We have to try to omit were there is strong Mars blemish (Mangal Dosha) in horoscope of the child to be born using c-section, if possible.

  • 7. New Moon or Amavasya days and Gand Moola Nakshatra are to be avoided. Gand Mool Nakshatra is some parts of Nakshatra ruled by Ketu and Mercury. 1st part of Ashvini Nakshatra, 1st part of Magha Nakshatra, 1st part of Moola Nakshatra, 4th part of Ashlesha Nakshatra, 4th part of Revati Nakshatra and 4th part of Jyestha Nakshatra should be avoided when planning C-section.

  • 8. Occasionally we have Kaalsarp Yoga/Dosha as per transit of planets, it occurs when all planets are placed on either side of Rahu-Ketu axis. This configuration of planets should be avoided, if possible while going for astrological help for caesarean child birth.

Contents of this Report
  • Analysis of the date range provided by you.
  • Choosing the right days, eliminating days which are not favorable for health, career, married life, parents etc.
  • Choosing the right time among the favorable days.
  • Providing analysis and predictions on personality, characteristics, behavior traits, yogas present in horoscope, health, career, married life and future predictions for each and every option chosen.
  • Conclusion with the list of dates & time chosen and arranging them in order of preference.
  • Answers to your three questions.

Report delivery and payment options:
  • Report will be sent by 'E-Mail' in ms word format & may take up to 6 to 10 days.
  • Online payments can be made through Credit Cards & Pay Pal.
  • For Indian citizens charges are Rs. 2500. If you are from India and want to order this report please click here
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