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Rahu in Virgo Horoscope

Rahu in Virgo person is too much immersed in own internal world, which often cause passivity and inactivity in material world. For him the world of transcendence, contemplation and retreat, has more meaning than world of concrete achievement and work. This person has to develop clear value system. It is easy for it to act compassionately and emphatically, but person must be aware of quality of energies it is dealing with. This individual is not bounded with egoistic consciousness and mind patterns, but lesson for him is not to be emphatic with wrong people and idea of low quality. Through purification, all negative features must be discarded, like self-pity, escapism and indulgence in unfruitful daydreaming. The lesson is to learn how to exit its shell and service humanity, not losing compassion and understanding of subconscious and super-conscious. The challenge for this person is to really materialize consciousness of unity in everyday world and consciously focus its awareness in positive context.