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Uranus in Capricorn Horoscope

Uranus in Capricorn signifies capable leaders, concentration, wish to dominate, progressive, revolutionary in own professional area and often ingenuity. This position conveys a certain amount of thoughtfulness on the native, his nature being serious and reserved. There is an indication that there may be some trouble or discord with the parents. The native will have a penetrating mind with a considerable interest in matters concerning electricity or science. There is also a likelihood of the native succeeding in public employment under governmental or municipal authorities. He must be warned, however, about sudden, unseen reverses and changes. As Uranus spends seven years in a sign it also denotes collective activities of a generation. Many of your peers born during the years when Uranus was in Capricorn are accepting of changes adding to the security and protection of society. They are willing to reorder traditional thinking, but always in a conservative and carefully structured mode.