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Dictionary and Glossary of Astrological Terms starting with letter 'K'

Ancient esoteric Jewish teachings also contain knowledge of astrology as one of its parts.
Kaala Bala
One of the planetary strength determination, meaning strength due to time related factors, used in Shadbala.
The division of each sign into eight parts ruled by Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, and Ascendant. These are used in Ashtakavarga to determine the effects of transiting planets.
A dasha system that requires the precise birth time and calculation of horoscope.
Transit of Saturn in the 4th and 7th signs from the Moon.
Vedic Astrology name for zodiac sign of Virgo.
Meaning significator; the Sun is the natural significator or karaka for the father, career, and status. The Moon is the karaka for the mother and female relatives. Mars is the karaka for siblings, fixed assets etc. Mercury is the karaka for maternal relatives, friends and intelligence. Jupiter is the karakaka for children, wealth, and knowledge. Venus is the karaka for the spouse. Saturn is the karaka for illness and loss.
Term used in Jaimini astrology, It is the Navamsa sign occupied by the Atmakaraka.
Karakamsha Chart
A chart derived by finding the Navamsa of the Atmakaraka planet and using that sign as the Lagna.
Half of a Tithi or Lunar day; also an element of the Panchang or Hindu almanac and used in Muhurtha or Election astrology.
Vedic Astrology name for zodiac sign of Cancer.
Kartikadi System
The calendar prevalent in South India.
Also spelled as Catahibazon or Katahibazon is an old Arabic term for the South Lunar Node.
The Quadrants; Ascendant, 4th, 7th and 10th Houses
Kendra Bala
A source of strength based on the house the planet occupies It is one of the components of Stana Bala. Planets are strongest in kendras (houses 1,4,7 and 10), weaker in Panaparas (2,5,8 and 11) and weakest in Apoklimas (3,6,9 and 12).
Vedic Astrology term for South Node of the Moon.
The 40th divisional chart or Varga; where a sign is divided in to forty parts of 45 minutes each. It is used for determining auspicious and inauspicious results.
A kite is a considered a fortunate configuration in a natal chart. It is a configuration of planets in which one of the planets in a grand trine opposes the fourth planet and as a result this fourth planet forms a sextile or 60° degree aspects with the remaining two planets of the grand trine.
Koch House System
One of the House Systems, also called birthplace house system, used to erect a horoscope.
The 3rd of the 27 Nakshatra or lunar mansions, used in Vedic Astrology. It is ruled by the Sun and spans form 26.40 degrees Aries to 10.00 degrees of Taurus.
Kronos is one of the eight hypothetical planets also referred to as the trans Neptunian points or planets, utilized in Uranian astrology.
The 4th Nakshatra from the birth Nakshatra, and its trines. It denotes prosperity and is used for Muhurta, and the Ashtakoot for marriage compatibility.
Kshetra Sphuta
Fertility point for women, calculated by adding the longitudes of Jupiter, Mars and Moon.
Vedic Astrology name for zodiac sign of Aquarius.
Vedic Astrology term for Horoscope.

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