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Dictionary and Glossary of Astrological Terms starting with letter 'I'

Ikkbala Yoga
This is a favorable yoga is used in Annual horoscope for forecasting and is formed when all the planets are placed in Panphara houses.
The beginning of an eclipse, or of an occultation; It is also uses as the opposite of Emersion, or coming out of the aspect.
A planet is impeded when afflicted by malefic.
Imperfect Signs
Leo, Scorpio and Pisces are know as Imperfect or Broken Signs.
Imum Coeli ( I.C.)
One of the four major angles of a horoscope; the lowest point of the sky, as shown in horoscope as the cusp or starting point of the fourth house.
Inarticulate Signs
Aries, Taurus, Leo and Capricorn are Inarticulate signs as they are symbolized by animals that have voices but lack the power of speech, symbolizing an inability to communicate.
Inception Astrology is the branch of astrology which deals with the beginnings of things and an inception chart is a horoscope calculated for the beginning of any project or enterprise.
An inclination is the angle at which two planes cross. In astrologically, it is referred to as the motion of a body toward a position in the horoscope other than the one it held at birth.
Also know as Quincunx, it is a challenging aspect of 150 degrees creating stress.
Increasing in Light
It is usually said of the Moon, but also applicable to any planet which, on leaving a conjunction with the Sun, increases in light, as viewed from the Earth.
Increasing in Motion
A planet moving faster than its average speed.
An invisible Upagraha or satellite of Venus, also know as Kodanda and Karmuka.
Indu Lagna
A Lagna or Ascendant used for judging wealth. It is calculated by considering the lords of the 9th house from the Lagna and Moon.
Ishta kaala
The difference in time between sunrise and birth measured in Ghatis.
Induvara Yoga
An inauspicious planetary combination or Yoga, used primarily in Tajaka astrology.
Inferior Conjunction
Inferior conjunctions occur between the Sun and the inferior planets Mercury or Venus when they are between the Sun and Earth.
Inferior Planets
Planets orbiting between the Earth and the Sun are know as Inferior Planets which are Mercury and Venus.
Uranus, Saturn and Mars. Mercury and Neptune when afflicted.
Entry of a planet into a zodiac sign.
Initiating Signs
Also know as the Cardinal Signs which are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.
Inner Planets
The faster moving planets that are inside the orbit of Jupiter, includes the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars and usually the Moon is also included.
Inter aspect
An aspect that is formed between two horoscopes as opposed to one; an inter aspect is used generally for horoscope comparison.
When a sign is wholly enclosed between the cusps of a house without being on the cusp of any house; For example the 3rd house cusp is Aries 28 degrees and 4th house cusp is at 2 degrees of Gemini, inthis case, Taurus is wholly enclosed between the cusps of 3rd and 4th houses.
Explanation of the results of a horoscope as done by an astrologer for his clients. It is also referred as horoscope reading.
In its own light
To determine if a planet is in it's own light, first determine the sect of the chart. If diurnal then the daylight of the Sun is above the horizon and the Moon's light is below . If it is a nocturnal chart then the Moon light is above the horizon and the Sun is below.
Ishtha Kala
Ishtha Kala is the time of an epoch. It is measured in terms of time elapsed from the moment of sunrise to the moment of the occurrence of the event.
Ithasala Yoga
A planetary combination considered in connection with annual forecasting. It is based on the relative motion of different planets. Also known as Muthashila Yoga.

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