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Dictionary and Glossary of Astrological Terms starting with letter 'R'

Radical Chart
The natal Horoscope or the Birth Chart.
Radical Position
The position a planet occupies in a natal or birth horoscope.
The term Radix is derived form the Latin word meaning "root". It refers to the original or the birth horoscope. It is used to distinguish the radix or birth horoscope from the secondary charts such as progressed or transit horoscopes.
Term used for the Dragon's Head in Vedic Astrology. The North Node of the Moon.
Rahu Kalam
One eighth portion of the day calculated by taking the total time between sunrise and sunset, at any given place, and then dividing this time duration by 8. One of the portions is ruled by Rahu which is considered totally unfavorable for auspicious activities.
Raja Yogas
Planetary combinations, used in Vedic Astrology that give great success, power and wealth.
Rajasic Houses
The 2nd, 7th, 10th, and 11th houses which are related with worldly or material attainments.
Ram is the alternate name for the sign Aries.
Randhra is a term use to denote malefic 8th house in Vedic Astrology.
Rapport Measurement
Used in progression, based on advancing a point or planet's natal position one degree for each year after birth.
Rapt Motion
Apparent diurnal motion from east to west.
Rapt Parallels
Equal distances from the meridian formed by rapt motion.
Zodiac Sign, also used to denote Moon sign in Vedic Astrology.
Rashi Chakra
The birth or natal horoscope.
Rashi Dashas
Prediction technique based on Sign periods rather than widely used planetary periods like Vimshottari Dasha.
Rashi Drishti
Sign aspect, used mostly in Jamini Astrology, rather than widely used planetary aspects.
Rashi Kundli
The horoscope cast for birth with the entire sign rising on the eastern horizon being taken as the Lagna or first house.
Rashi Paya
Relating metals like gold, silver, copper and iron to the Moon's sign or Rashi.
Rashi Pinda
Points left or earned by a sign or Rashi after all Ashtakavarga reductions.
A planet is said to be "under the rays" of the Sun when it lies within a distance of the Sun's orb. Thus a planet within 17 degrees of the Sun is "under the Sun's rays". When the planet gets within half the Sun's orb, it gets combust or burned by the Sun's rays. When it lies within 17 minutes of the Sun's center, it is Cazimi or in the heart of the Sun.
Reception is a term used to denote a relationship between two planets in which one is located in a sign ruled by the other. For example Sun is placed in Cancer and Moon is in sign of Leo.
Correcting the doubtful birth time by comparing the physical features, nature and date of significant events in the life of a person.
If two planets are applying to an aspect and one of them turns retrograde before the aspect culminates, it is said to refrain from the aspect, showing that the effect indicated by the aspect will not materialize.
A term used by ancient astrologers for the planets that are in mutual aspect.
Regiomontanus House System
Method of house division for horoscope, invented by the 15th century astrologer Johannes Muller, who used the pseudonym Regiomontanus. This system produces accurate results in polar regions.
A benefic Fixed Star situated at the 29th to 30th degree of Leo. The most favorable and powerful royal among the four Royal Stars, also know as Cor Leonis, or the Lion's Heart.
A term used for a planet when it is in any of it's dignities, essential or accidental.
Relationship Chart
A combined astrological chart of t

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