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Dictionary and Glossary of Astrological Terms starting with letter 'J'

Jaimini Aspects
A system of aspects that is sign based is used in Jaimini astrology. Fixed signs aspect the entire movable signs except the one next to it. Movable signs aspect all fixed signs except the one next to it and dual signs aspect the other dual signs.
Jaimini Karakas
In Jaimini astrology significator are determined by the distance in degrees a planet has traveled in a sign. The planet with the highest degree becomes the Atmakaraka (significator of soul), the one with the next highest degrees is the Amatyakaraka (significator of friends), then Bratrukaraka (significator of siblings), Matrikaraka (significator of mother), Pitrikaraka (significator of father), Putrakaraka (significator of children), Gnatikaraka (significator of relatives), and planet with least degree becomes the Darakaraka (significator of spouse).
Jaimini System
A system of astrology wherein Rashi dasha are used in preference to Nakshatra dasha, aspects are different, and there are changeable significator.
The birth Nakshatra and it's trines stars, denoting danger to the body. They are used primarily for Muhurtha and also used in the Ashtakoot Gunas for judging compatibility for marriage.
A Rashi or sign used in the Kalachakra Dasha.
A planet is said to be in 'joy' when it is placed in one of its Essential Dignities.
It is an asteroid used in astrology by modern astrologers. Juno is regarded as the queen of the gods. It signifies relationships and marriage.
Judicial Astrology
Judicial astrology is an older name for mundane astrology. Relates to the forecasting of principal events which will befall a country and public conditions which will prevail.
The fifth planet of our solar system. It represents luck, philosophy, religion, higher learning, expansion, abundance and excesses. It is the ruler of zodiacal sign of Sagittarius and Pisces and astrological ninth and twelfth houses, its exaltation sign is Cancer, debilitation sign is Capricorn.
The 18th of the 27 Nakshatra or lunar mansions used in Vedic Astrology. It is located between 16.40 degrees Scorpio to 30.00 degrees Scorpio. The sign is governed by Mars and the star is governed by Mercury.
Indian Vedic astrology based on the sidereal zodiac as opposed to the tropical zodiac used by most western astrologers.

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