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Amar Anantha Dhana Yoga

Definition: When two or more benefic planets occupies the second house, the lord of the second and Jupiter are strongly placed.

Results: This is a highly fortunate yoga in respect of income and wealth. One having this yoga will have good amount of wealth till the end of his life. He will have large or joint family and will enjoy good reputation and will own numerous fixed and movable assets.

Remarks: This yoga is concerned with the second house and it enhances all its positive results. Wealth and family are among major things signified by the second house. This yoga specifically states that two or more benefic has to be in the second house. Jupiter, Venus, waxing Moon and Mercury (in some circumstances) are termed as benefic in Vedic Astrology and two among them should be placed in the second house. Further, Jupiter, the chief significator of wealth and prosperity along with the second house lord should be well placed. The result of this yoga will be permanent as opposed to most of other yogas whose results can only be enjoyed during certain periods.

Written by Sanjay Sharma, © 2011, revised February 2016