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Venus in Twelfth House in Vedic Astrology

With Venus in the Twelfth House the native is very inclined to romance and there are indications of obscure or clandestine love affairs. The position of Venus often suggests an early marriage, yet it will undoubtedly bring the native into contact with those who may have the power to influence affections after marriage. In some respects, this position of Venus is difficult, for it signifies that the native will experience both periods of secret joy and secret sorrow. When Venus is posited in the Twelfth House the indications are that interests concerning the affections are one of the major causes of enmity in the native's life. Venus in the twelfth house denotes problems in love relationship or work in social institutions. There is possibility of servitude to others or spiritual quest. Venus is retrograde in twelfth house denotes hidden emotions. It emphasizes creativity, but person does not love to be confined to something or forced. He wants internal fulfillment, often is too much attached to past.