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Saturn in Third House in Vedic Astrology

When Saturn is posited in the Third House it intensifies the power of forethought and concentration. With bad aspects it can cause severe mental depression. Matters concerning relatives and neighbors will, at times, cause unrest and worry. The circumstances surrounding the domestic situation can bring undesired responsibility through the unwise actions of the relatives. Saturn tends to limit traveling or confine it to interests concerning the occupation. There is an indication of danger when operating an automobile and caution should be employed here. Saturn in the third house causes problematic relationship with relatives, too much seriousness during adolescence and growing up, serious approach to knowledge and concentration and methodic mind. When Saturn is retrograde in third house there can be problems in communication because person sees world black and white. The conscious mind blocks information from deeper part of personality, so it is not integrated enough. Person is connected to surface, which consists of socially acceptable thoughts, rationalizations and constructed ideas.