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Saturn in Fifth House in Vedic Astrology

Saturn in the Fifth House indicates difficulty in love affairs and it interferes in the forming of friendships and associations. More often then not, these problems will originate through a personal difficulty of the native to express self freely. Because of this difficulty, delays and awkward circumstances will surround the native. Saturn here restricts the family circle and a small family is depicted. Difficulty in the rearing of children is indicated here, but the native can rise above his problems and have a successful life if he is willing to lead a disciplined life. It is not a good position for speculation, but it does show a very good capacity for investment. Saturn in the fifth house often gives problems with children, infertility or person doesn’t want children and there can be various sexual problems. When Saturn is retrograde in fifth house the person wants to overcome obstacles to creative process. Person wants to do something of lasting value. Instead of fun he will find responsibility, to understand essence of life. Person has to learn not to keep fears that prevent flow of creativity. When succeeds he can contribute significantly to humanity.