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Pluto in Tenth House in Vedic Astrology

When Pluto is in the Tenth House the implications are that the native will, in some way, be related to mortuary work. He may be an undertaker or cremator, or he may simply maintain the condition of the cemeteries. This locality of Pluto can either indicate a tremendous amount of personal prestige or the complete opposite. There is no middle point for the native's prestige. There is a tendency towards deceit and dishonesty as far as business dealings are concerned, so the native of this position should attempt to avoid anything which is not strictly straightforward where business, money, personal or emotional matters are concerned. Pluto in the tenth house gives power over large masses, popularity, fatal influence, great ambition, magnetism and often problems in relationship to father. When Pluto is retrograde in tenth house the person needs profession where he can transform or teach the public. Person wants to break grasp of social norms to impose new values. The person needs to learn how to constructively focus power for welfare of society he lives in.