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Neptune in Twelfth House in Vedic Astrology

With Neptune in the Twelfth House it exerts an influence which is very difficult to see when good, or to guard against when evil. It is a position showing that one could be framed by the actions or insinuations of those who are unfriendly disposed. There is also a danger of seduction and of trouble through attempts of intimidation or blackmail. It is a position that can bring a danger of being kidnapped or used as a bait to ensnare others. On the other hand, Neptune can bring benefit through secret ties, associations, agreements and understandings. Neptune in the twelfth house gives strong love for mysticism and indicates ending of cycle of self-development. Neptune retrograde in twelfth house gives deep insight into cosmic reality. Person can see without problems wholeness of everything. Insights are impersonal and unbounded. There is medium ability because person comprehends essence of everything quickly.