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Neptune in Tenth House in Vedic Astrology

Neptune in the Tenth House is somewhat problematic. It indicates that the native will experience several financial crises during his lifetime. There is indication that the native will be subject to a considerable amount of deception from others concerning the financial side of life. There are strong indications that the native will be involved with the publicity and advertising worlds. It also implies that the native's profession may, in some way, be linked with prisons, reformatories, institutions, oil or any liquid. At times, the native will encounter difficulties through trade fluctuations, strikes, lockouts, or through national and international disturbances. The native should be careful not to let the suggestions of others influence his personal judgments. Neptune in the tenth house is found in horoscopes of spiritual teachers, religious leaders or persons who become myth, and if afflicted sometimes children with single parent and bad relationship with father. When Neptune is retrograde in tenth house there is great creativity, person has to work somewhere where vision and inspiration are needed. He learns how to be impersonal in carrier and how not to identify with status and social position. Then he can be visionary and achieve great social success, maybe even against own will.