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Neptune in Sixth House in Vedic Astrology

When the planet Neptune is in the Sixth House there will be a distinct liability to ptomaine and other forms of poisoning of the systems. This locality of Neptune warns against the over-use of drugs. The native is attracted to drugs, smoking, and alcohol and he must learn to cope with this attraction otherwise it will cause him immeasurable problems. Care will be required in smoking and with alcohol, and where anesthetics are concerned. In the sphere of work there will be trouble at times through dishonesty or deception of others and through certain forms of intrigue. Personal confidences should never be given to those in the sphere of work, for the native will have trouble with the dishonesty of others. Neptune in the sixth house renders aptness to infections, bad diagnosis and inclination for alternative medicine. When Neptune is retrograde in sixth house the person has mission to heal, service and sacrifice for others. Many work in medicine and care for others or as faith healers. This Neptune’s position brings ability to impose cosmic understanding at material level, where it can be practically used.