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Mercury in Sixth House in Vedic Astrology

With Mercury in the Sixth House there is an increase in the susceptibility to nervous disorders and to ailments caused by worry and anxiety. The native will have to use extreme care in pursuit of his studies because of his tendency to overdo things. In relation to the native's work, it creates restlessness where the occupation proves to be of a very routine nature. It shows that there must always be a degree of variety for work to be done well and interest maintained. The position intensifies the power of discrimination and perception. It also gives the native a keen sense of criticism along with a psychological understanding of industrial and economic conditions. In the sixth house, intellect in service of common good, if strongly afflicted, possible neurological health problems. When Mercury is retrograde in sixth house there is an analytic approach to life. There is much self-criticism but person is good worker. He has to learn tolerance, has to question intellectual maturity to help others and correct relationship to self as a part of society.