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Mercury in Ninth House in Vedic Astrology

With Mercury in the Ninth House, the potentialities of thought and inspiration are sharply accentuated. Although the mental outlook is mostly optimistic the native is characterized by a mental restlessness and changeability which can cause him some confusion. With the planet Mercury in the Ninth House, the native will have a keen interest in a variety of matters concerning religion, philosophy, law, foreign affairs and long distance travel. It is an excellent position for success in the pursuit of language studies and it suggests versatility in this respect. Mercury in the ninth house often gives far travels and education in foreign countries. When Mercury is retrograde in ninth house the need to question intellectual attitudes and tolerance toward attitudes of others is called for. Person can think too much about trivial things. Positively, the person has much information that can be useful to others. The person is a spiritual seeker, but if Mercury is afflicted the then intellect could be bonded to lower mind.