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Mars in Seventh House in Vedic Astrology

Mars in the Seventh House signifies a questionable influence on the native. The native must learn to adapt to the strength of his partner's character without letting himself be used by it. The partner will have a bad disposition and a quick temper. Some interference by the relatives of the partner is also indicated, which would complicate things. Mars in the Seventh House more than likely attracts the native into contact with public and social affairs. The basic drive of the native will cause him many problems here. Thus, the native will have to use discretion in all that is said and done. Mars in the seventh house causes aggressiveness to partner or aggressive partner, efficient person but often unpleasant. When Mars is retrograde in the seventh house, violence to partner or approach to partnership as a mean to achieve selfish goals is indicated. There can be a distrust in people, the person should always takes care not to be hurt. He must understand how he influences others and balance his energies.