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Mars in Eighth House in Vedic Astrology

With Mars is in the Eighth House the liability to a violent and sudden death increases. Death can also occur through a bad wound or as a result of an operation. Sometimes there is a bad fever which affects the head, the excretory or generative organs. As far as marriage and business partners are concerned, endless problems are indicated. The native will find that his partner may be overly extravagant and this may cause some severe financial losses. There are prospects of gain indicated through legacy or inheritance if Mars is favorably aspected. There will be substantial dispute with the marriage or business partner concerning the handling of the money if aspected by malefic. Mars in the eighth house surely indicates sudden or violent death, gain or loss through inheritance and passionate person. When Mars is retrograde in eighth house the person can transform herself/himself or others, but only if not being attuned to low energy level of others. Person will learn a lot about nature of his and other’s desire.