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Jupiter in Tenth House in Vedic Astrology

Jupiter in the Tenth House is favorable position for career and father in general. The natives of this House position of Jupiter are inclined to the legal side of life. Some of the most profound lawyers of all time have Jupiter strongly placed in their nativities. There are indications which denote that the native will find financial success overseas. Jupiter affords the native a tremendous talent to etch out progress in any serious undertaking. The professional prominence of the native will undoubtedly augment his social position. Even if the native never seriously takes up the study of law, his mind will always operate from a legal viewpoint. Jupiter in the tenth house gives success in career, successful circumstances and good relationship with father. When Jupiter is retrograde in tenth house the person simultaneously desires social approval and freedom. With positive aspects this placement brings great wisdom. Career must be materialized seriously, without self-indulgence.