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Venus in Ninth House in Vedic Astrology

With Venus in the Ninth House the philosophical framework of the native is strengthened. The natural cheerfulness and optimum of the native is intensified. Venus in the Ninth House reveals a strong belief in spiritual aspects of life. The native is naturally attracted to travel especially to those places of noted scenic beauty. The desire however is more centered on comfort than adventure. As far as religion is concerned, the native of this location of Venus has a marked propensity to follow one of the more orthodox forms of religion. This position of Venus is generally favorable for contact with the relatives of the marriage or business partner. It is significant to note here that the most beneficial contact with the relatives will be with females. Venus in the ninth house gives pleasant trips to foreign countries, often partner in foreign countries or from foreign countries, success in area of higher education and metaphysics. When Venus is retrograde in ninth house a great need for personal freedom, sometimes dedication to spiritual life and possible artistic talent is found.