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Uranus in Sixth House in Vedic Astrology

Uranus in the Sixth House brings a liability to accidents and illness through sudden events. It upsets the nerves and the general balance of the body and it can bring many unexpected ailments. It shows many sudden and unexpected changes concerning the occupation. Sometimes it denotes a sudden loss of work or an experiencing of unexpected setbacks. Alternatively it can also bring unexpected advancement and improvements. The position is excellent for the intellectual pursuits of matters of a scientific nature. There will always be an element of difficulty connected with business colleagues or employees, and there will be a need for some form of independent action. This position sometimes indicates work and activities concerning the astrological and occult sides of life. There is penetrating mind, drive toward perfection, unconventional therapies, unusual profession and constant change of jobs. When Uranus is retrograde in sixth house innovativeness in everyday work, great innovativeness on material level, deep understanding of relations and processes in material world is shown. The person must apply understanding in service of others.