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Pluto in Fifth House in Vedic Astrology

When Pluto is in the Fifth House it has a peculiar influence over the native's love nature. There is a strong desire for love however this is tempered by fickleness thereby bringing disappointment and unhappiness. The native will learn that he should not place too much trust in the promises of others. It is not such a good influence for children, as the position sometimes denies them or causes miscarriage or deformity. It is somewhat helpful for artistic matters and it gives an excellent capacity for the expression of emotion. Pluto in the fifth house gives strong sexuality and creativity, charismatic and free minded children who often become famous. When Pluto is retrograde in fifth house there is a subjective approach to life, it is necessary to acknowledge others’ feelings. There is a possible long-term struggle to impose some form of personal expression and acceptable to society. There can be possible misuse of creative process and the person has to learn how to give others enough space.