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Pluto in Eleventh House in Vedic Astrology

With Pluto in the Eleventh House, it is difficult for the native to enter into solid and lasting friendships. Although he probably does not realize it he will be the main cause of this difficulty here. The friendships which he does make will be out of the ordinary. These friendships will more than likely persist for a short time and then suddenly break up. Many times this will be caused by the native changing his residence. In other words, a barrier is erected by circumstances which are very difficult to overcome. Sometimes the position brings unhappiness as a result of speaking or writing too freely among friends and acquaintances. The native should refrain from putting his feelings on certain matters into words. Pluto in the eleventh house gives strong motivation for achieving goals but often problems and betrayal from friends. When Pluto is retrograde in eleventh house there is great idealism and the person inspires others, but himself can lean to escapism.