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Uranus in Twelfth House in Vedic Astrology

When Uranus is in the Twelfth House it implies periods of unexpected and sudden conditions of enmity. It intensifies the liability towards accidents. It also indicates that the native may be held responsible, unfairly, for accidents involving injury to others. This position of Uranus suggests the formation of secret attachments. These are often associated with elopements and a secret marriage. These affairs usually come to the surface at a later date. This is a favorable position for those who are inclined to act from occult or psychic motives, in which case it favors the mysterious and romantic. In the twelfth house, strong sub consciousness which influences external circumstances, freedom from collective subconscious or traumas, depends on aspects. When Uranus is retrograde in twelfth house there is often changes of consciousness. But there is great potential for self-development. The person knows how things outside function and doesn’t have to experience them always in reality.