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Uranus in Third House in Vedic Astrology

When Uranus is in the Third House there will be a strong desire for travel of a strange, exciting, perhaps experimental nature, especially in connection with aviation and where investigation plays a part. The number of relatives will vary and contact with them will be subject to sudden breaks and changes. There is a distinct attraction towards studies and interests of an astrological, occult, and scientific nature. If these interests are approached maturely, the native can broaden his mental outlook upon life. Uranus in the third house gives original deas, unconventional relationship to surrounding, aptness to unconventional vehicles and complicated relationship to relatives. When Uranus is retrograde in third hosue the person is rebellious but often ingenious, wants at any cost to be different, have original ideas and inventiveness. Possible problems in relationship, because person insists to express individuality at any cost.