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Uranus in Tenth House in Vedic Astrology

With Uranus is in the Tenth House, we can expect that the native's business and professional affairs are subject to sudden and unexplainable changes. The indications are that he will somehow be connected with affairs of a scientific nature. This position of Uranus strengthens the independent element of the native's nature. He is well-equipped to carve out his own nook in the world. The native of this position must be constantly prepared to accept sudden changes in profession and also to adapt himself to the new situations. If he cannot learn to accept these changes as part of his very existence, his life will be a very unhappy one. Uranus in the tenth house indicates progressive and revolutionary ideas in ones own professional area, often with great ingenuity. When Uranus is retrograde in tenth house the person builds his own identity, capable for manifesting his unique character inside the society. It is good placement for work in electronic media. The person needs space to manifest original creativity, not to be bonded with responsibility.