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Uranus in Fifth House in Vedic Astrology

Uranus in the Fifth House intensifies the desire for romance and it denotes several love affair surrounded by sudden upheavals. It indicates a flirtatious nature and the native would do well to use discrimination. It is not a good position for children, as it shows anxieties connected with actual birth as well as their subsequent interests. Indications are they can be of either sex. From an artistic standpoint, it is good for theatrical, radio and literary interests. In speculation it shows unexpected gains through various sweepstakes types of gambling but the stock market. Uranus in the fifth house provides aptness to sexual experiments, children gifted or problems with them. It makes one want freedom and originality. When Uranus is retrograde in fifth house there is a need to build original style of life, fear of social norms, original ideas and ability to convey them to others.